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Want to get lit up with Tinder, but you haven’t bought into all that hype with the latest smartphones? Or maybe you would want to use Tinder securely, since it’s leaking your location data.

Here’s how you make it work with Mac or Windows7 and upwards, maybe for XP too:

1. Download Blue Stacks and install it.
2. Download Google Play app from Blue Stacks and install it.
3. Launch Google Play and within it, install Fake GPS.
4. Install Tinder in Google Play.
5. Restart Blue Stacks, launch Fake GPS and select wanted coordinates, launch Tinder.
6. Vote for Pirates.

Update 3.4.2014: I have now changed my coordinates to Glasgow (instead of Helsinki), and changing them seemed to take a few hours, if not even a day.

Update 15.4.2014: To actually change your coordinates straight away, you have to log out from Tinder, launch Fake GPS, and then launch Tinder and log in it.

Update 16.4.: Thanks to fdgh’s comment, I now know what the problem was – I forgot the second step, where one needs to install Google Play on Blue Stacks (DUH!). I hope that now people are finally getting this little hack to work with minimum fuss. 🙂

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  1. Julie, that’s weird. I still get the right software through that link. Does anyone else have this problem?

    In case you can’t use this software, there are others, like the ones that turn up with the search “Fake GPS“.

  2. Short question. I have set my location to Los Angeles but this “finding new people near you” goes on forever. I read your update, so does this mean i’ll have to wait for a few hours (or a day) before the location takes effect?

  3. Also having the same problem. Followed instructions, set location, and still having the same problem as before. ‘Finding people near you…’ and there are DEFINITELY people near me w/ tinder app. Help?

  4. It actually works! In the beginning the gps location worked fine, then i switched it and it still worked but then switching back took a while until it actually recognised my location. Also sometimes finding new people takes a long time.

    There is no Fake GPS or Tinder app in Bluestacks so u need to download Google Play app from Bluestacks at first and then download Fake GPS and Tinder from that Google Play app.

  5. Finding people near you.. forever, followed the steps and tried “I think what you actually need to do, is to log out of Tinder, then close it, run the fake GPS and then run Tinder. Tell me if this helps.” Not working

  6. it doesn’t log in. it asks me if I’m alright if it uses my facebook data, then there is a little circle for some seconds and then it disappears and i’m back on the log in page.

    any help on that?

      1. I’m also having problems with logging in. After allowing the usage of my Facebook data it gives me an error and asks me to try again.

  7. For those stuck on “Finding people near you…” intermittently, I’ve had luck using the following process:

    1. Force-close Tinder app using the app-switcher in the bottom left of Bluestacks window.
    2. Force-close Fake GPS app.
    3. Close Bluestacks using the (X) button in the bottom right.
    4. Open Bluestacks.
    5. Open Fake GPS and set location.
    6. Wait 10 seconds.
    7. Open Tinder.

    When you’re finished with Tinder and Bluestacks, repeat steps 1-3.

    I’m using this Fake GPS app (Fake GPS location): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lexa.fakegps

    I’ve had to do a lot of tinkering to come up with this process that seems to work every time. Also, for some reason restarting my whole computer seems necessary to break out of the “Finding people near you…” loop. Not sure if it’s because of bad data stored in physical memory that is just being re-accessed each time I reload Bluestacks, or it’s just luck.

    Much of this information may be founded on cargo-cult-esque premises, but it’s what works for me – no issues the last 4-5 times I’ve loaded up Tinder in Bluestacks.

    Thanks for the article!

    1. I tried everything but when I launch tinder it tells me to turn on my location services (i did and am using a fake gps) then tells me there is no one new in my area. :
      I contacted the people at tinder but they haven’t responded.

  8. So can anybody actually confirm this actually runs properly? I’ve set it up fine with the fake gps and it finds people okay but I’ve swiped through hundreds of girls (at random) and have zero matches. Are they seeing my location? I’ve been using it a couple of days, does it take a while?

    1. this helped with the “looking for people in your area” loop but I have had no matches. I am hoping that it is just not working properly!

  9. Yes, I indiscriminately swiped to the right for a long while to test it. Still nothing. I will try re-downloading the version above to see if it makes a difference.

  10. When launching tinder it asks me to connect with FB ( as it should) but after pressing the FB button the Bluestack crashes, just freezes then turns to black screen ? Ideas for fix ?

  11. I tried everything on this page and only got it working once. I’ve tried different fake gps apps and ways of opening the apps as well… sometimes even waited 10 mins until opening Tinder but it’s always stuck in ‘searching for people in the area’.

    Anyone know to fix this?

    1. Take a look at my comment above to see if you can kick yourself out of the “Searching for people in your area” loop. Sometimes I have to restart my PC. I know it seems strange, but that ALWAYS works for me.

  12. Does anyone have issues w/ the phone number validation? It refuses to be sent to any number I provided, esp. the online sms services.

    1. Yeah i have issues with the phone number validation. Im running it on the beta version. i can login to facebook fine, but when i select to confirm my countrycode it resets and logs back out of facebook

  13. Hello there. Have this problem – pictures won’t save in my Tinder account. Bluestacks makes a white flash and then don’t save the picture. Any idea?

  14. I tried everything but when I launch tinder it tells me to turn on my location services (i did and am using a fake gps) then tells me there is no one new in my area. :

  15. Followed the steps above. Changed my location to California area for my first round, but ran out of matches really quick.. Tried to change it to another location but it’s saying “no matches” I for sure followed the steps.

    Log out of tinder
    go into fake gps and change location
    log back into tinder

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  17. I have had this problem not only on my Android HTV EVO 3D but on Blue stacks as well. Tinder would just crash 2 secs after launching it while its searching for people in my area. I have done everything I could with my phone. The most surprising part is that it worked well for like 30mins after I first launched it. Then I got the first message “Tinder has stopped working”. However, I can not make it work neither on phone or PC. I would appreciate any solution to this.
    I have reinstalled, restarted, cleaned cache, hard reseted, changed proxy, and yes, the location service is turned on.

  18. Can you run Tinder with your “real” account on the mobile while running a “fake” account on the PC, using another FB account?
    This will require two FB accounts running on the same PC, (my regular FB for the mobile, and creating a new FB for the PC Tinder) and I don’t know if Tinder picks that up and somehow “bans” one of the Tinder accounts. Hope my Q is understandable.

  19. Works fine for me. Got the “Finding new people” thing for a while, but Gmullz’s comment AND messing with my profile seemed to help. Only updating pics and/or lowering the age or mile radius seemed to have any effect it though..

  20. I’ve installed the Fake GPS Location app several times, but when I click the Open tab, nothing happens. Is this app incompatible with certain PCs?

        1. Same here. Worked fine in my older computer with W7 ultimate. Does not work on w7 enterprise, or w8. Not sure why. I think it’s the current version of BlueStacks doesn’t work with it. Any fixes appreciated!

          1. Sorry guys, I found the woman of my life in August, and I’m reeaaally busy until 28.4.2015, which is one week after the Finnish parliamentary elections. If you’ll remind me then, I’ll promise to look into this.

          2. I just installed an older version of BlueStacks on my Windows 8. Now the Fake GPS is working.

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  22. Whenever I search and discover people on the tinder app it is just a blank white area above the like or dislike area, what can I do to fix this?

  23. I’ve just updated to a new version of Tinder (4.4.2) (running on Android 8.37), automatically downloaded by Bluestacks. Now, whenever I start Tinder in Bluestacks, I receive a message asking to give permission to Google location services to change settings. It won’t go away no matter how many times you select ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem, and is there a way to fix it?

    1. Yeah I have that problem too. I have tried everything to fix it, including changing the permissions tinder has. Downgrading to a previous version works, but I really REALLY like the super like feature. If anyone has any idea for a fix, please tell me!

  24. Hi!
    My problem is: after Tinder updated itself, I can’t acess anymore! it always asks me that:

    This app want to change the configurations os my “cell”:
    Use wi-fi cell nets for localization (sorry about my english).

    And keep on and on… always popping up the same window, allowing me not to use it!
    Could ANYONE help me???

  25. so basically i have done all these steps, managed to login, now when on tinder a pop-up keeps coming up from android saying “this app wants to change your device setting” and every time i click okay or cancel it pops up again, so i cant even use tinder?! :

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