The insurance industry is lobbying on the expense of countless lives


There’s no way to put this nicely, so I’m just going to state the obvious. The insurance industry is guaranteed to be using every trick in the book to avoid paying billions to the service industry. How do I know this? I’m assuming it. But read on. I will tell you why I’m entirely convinced of it.

Have you wondered, why in many countries, like Finland, USA and UK, the pubs and bars are still open, despite having closed schools and limiting the right to assemble to ten people or less? Yeah, well, me too. The only reason I can come up with, is that the insurance policies protecting companies from bankruptcy won’t be activated because of Corona, until the government gives the order to close all of them. This seriously needs to and will be done, but the government is dragging its feet until is unable to do so. By then, it will be too late for millions of people.

I can not come up with any other reason, why in Finland there are bars and clubs open, that host hundreds of people and apparently this is completely fine. Well, OK, in all three countries, there are recommendations not to go to bars and pubs but the ban is still hovering somewhere, until way too many people have died.

If I’m correct, (and please reason why I wouldn’t be), the insurance companies are condemning thousands, if not millions of people, to be prematurely deceased, just because their morals are egregious and they’re lobbying the key government people like there’s no tomorrow – which might very well be the case for some of the insurers. If no one was pressuring the government to keep the bars and pubs open, they would be shut down before closing schools, and limitations to right to assemble. Who is pressuring them? The ones who would need to cough up for the money, in case the ban becomes effective.

That’s the insurance industry, with extremely deep pockets and an enormous lobbying force, throughout the world. Don’t forget about re-insurance companies either, which actually cover the retail insurers. We’re talking billions and billions of €uros here. Please pressure your local government representative to shut down bars and pubs right now!

Sources (Sorry, only in Finnish): Keskeytysvakuutus @ OP, MARA

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